30 August 1928

10th Parliament · 1st Session

The President (Senator the Hon. Sir JohnNewlands) took the chair at 3 p.m., and read prayers.

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Senator THOMAS:

– I desire to ask the

Minister representing the PostmasterGeneral, the following questions, without notice: -

  1. What is the profit or loss of the working of the beam wireless between Australia and England?
  2. Is the beam wireless now in working order with Canada? What are the charges and was the Government consulted before the final arrangements and, if so, to what extent?
Honorary Minister · QUEENSLAND · NAT

– As the honorable senator was good enough to inform me that he intended to ask this question without notice, the Postmaster-General has supplied the following answers : -

  1. The information is not in the possession of the Postmaster-General’s Department. The Amalgamated Wireless have been approached and the matter is now receiving their consideration.
  2. Yes. The charges, of which there are numerous classifications, are 10 per cent, less than cable charges. The Government was consulted before the rates were fixed.

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Assent to the following bills re ported : -

Crimes Bill.

Service and Execution of Process Bill.

State and Territorial Laws and Records Recognition Bill.

Officers’ Sights Declaration Bill.

Commonwealth Electoral Bill.

Conciliation and Arbitration Bill.

National Debt Sinking Fund Bill.

Invalid and Old-age Pensions Appropriation Bill 1928.

War Pensions Appropriation Bill1928.

Supply Bill (No. 1) 1928-29.

War Precautions Act Repeal Bill.

Geophysical Survey Bill

Customs Tariff (Now Zealand Preference),

Loan Bill (No. 1.) 1928-29.

Science and Industry Appropriation Bill.

Supplementary Appropriation Bill 1926-27.

Supplementary Appropriation (Works and Buildings) Bill 1926-27.

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The following papers were presented: -

Air Force Act - Regulations Amended -

Statutory Rules 1928, No. 52.

Arbitration (Public Service) Act - Determinations by the Arbitrator,&c-

No. 17 of 1928-Fourth Division Officers’ Association of the Trade and Customs Department.

No. 18 of 1928 - Australian Postal Electricians’ Union.

No. 19 of 1928 - Professional Officers’ Association, Commonwealth Public Service.

No. 20 of 1928 - Commonwealth Public Service Clerical Association.

No. 21 of 1928- Federated Public Service Assistants’ Association.

No. 22 of 1928 - Australian . Third Division Telegraphists and Postal Clerks’ Union.

No. 23 . of. 1928 - CommonwealthStoremen and Packers’ Union of Australia.

Audit Act - Transfers of amounts approved by the Governor-General in Council - Financial Year 1927-28 - Dated 20th June, 1028.

Defence Act - Regulations Amended - Statutory Rules 1928, Nos. 58, 72.

Housing Act - Regulations– Statutory Rules 1928, No. 50.

Inscribed Stock Act - Regulations Amended Statutory Rules 1928, No. 01.

Naval Defence Act - Regulations Amended - Statutory Rules 1928, Nos. 49, 59, 73.

New Guinea Act - Ordinances of 1928-

No. 13- Sheriff.

No. 14 - Transfer of Land Control.

No. 15- Supply (No. 1) 1928-29.

No. 10 - Judiciary (No. 2).

No. 17 - Land.

Northern Australia Act - Ordinances of 1928-

Central Australia -

No. 10. - Dangerous Drugs.

No. 11 - Administration and Probate.

No. 12 - Registration.

No. 13 - Crown Lands.

No. 14 - Crimes.

No. 15 - Local Courts.

No. 10 - Plant Diseases.

No. 17 - Aboriginals.

No. 18 - Public Service. North Australia -

No. l0-Dangerous Drugs.

No. 11- Administration and Probate.

No. 12 - Registration.

No. 13 - Crown, Lands.

No. 14 - Crimes.

No. 15 - Local Courts.

No. 16 - Plant Diseases.

No. 17 - Aboriginals.

No. 18 - Encouragement of Primary Production.

No. 19 - Public Service.

No. 20 - Hospitals.

Norfolk Island Act - Ordinance No. 4 of 1928 - Plant and Fruit Diseases (No. 2). Papua Act -

Ordinance No. 6 of 1928 - Supplementary Appropriation (No. 1) 1927-1928; together with Supplementary Estimates of Expenditure (No. 1) for the year ending 30th June, 1928.

Infirm and Destitute Natives Account - Statement of Transactions of the Trustees for the year ended. 30th June, 1928.

Public Service Act -

Appointments - Department of - Health- W. M. Bevington; D. A. Dowling; E. J. Wareham.

Markets- -J. T. Reynolds.

Trade and Customs - L. Barker-

Woden, S. B. Page; G. A. Paterson, C. B. Odman, J. S. Bell, R. M. W. Cunningham, E. H. D’Arcy-Evans, and J. Eadie.

Regulations Amended - Statutory Rules 1928, Nos. 56, 66.

Seat of Government Acceptance Act and Seat of Government (Administration) Act - Ordinances of 1928-

No. 12- Housing (No. 2),

No. 13 - Liquor Poll.

No. 14- Liquor Poll (No. 2).

No. 15 - Theatres and Public Halls.

No. 16 - Police Superannuation.

No. 17 - Building and Services.

Customs Act - Regulations Amended - Statu tory Rules 1028, Nos. 47, 57, 65, 74.

Export Guarantee Act- Returns showing assistance granted -

To31st March, 1928.

To 30th June, 1928.

Lands Acquisition Act - Land acquired at

Arncliffe, New South Wales - For Postal purposes.

Iron and Steel Products Bounty Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1928, No. 75.

Shale Oil Bounty Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules. 1928, No. 76.

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Salary of Colonel Thomas

Senator ELLIOTT:

asked tie Minister representing the Minister for Home and Territories, upon notice -

  1. For how long has Colonel Thomas been a member of the Federal Capital Commission ?
  2. What is his salary, and how much has he drawn since appointment?
  3. What is he entitled to, in addition to salary, by way of travelling and other allowances?
  4. During the period of his appointment what travelling is he required to do, and when ?
  5. How much travelling has he actually done, and what is the total sum be has drawn in respect of travelling allowance?
  6. How long , is it proposed to continue this allowance to Colonel Thomas?
  7. What other member of the Public Service is entitled, while resident in Canberra, to similar allowances?

– The Minister for Home and Territories has supplied the following answers to the honorable senator’s questions: -

  1. From 22nd June, 1927.
  2. £1,500 per annum. The total amount drawn is £1,759 8s. 2d. 3, 4 and 5. Colonel Thomas is a permanent officer of the Commonwealth Public Service, with headquarters in Melbourne. His appointment as commissioner is temporary. The conditions of that appointment prescribe that he shall be paid a travelling allowance at the rate of 30s. per day and that, for the purpose of computing the allowance payable, . his home shall be deemed to be located in Melbourne. The amount paid to Colonel Thomas under this allowance up to the 22nd August, 1928, inclusive, was £584 8s. 9d- The only travelling away from Canberra by Colonel Thomas since his appointment as commissioner has consisted of visits to Melbourne, and whilst there his allowance has not been paid.
  3. As the allowance is included in the conditions attaching to Colonel Thomas’s appointment, itwill be continued for the present terra of his appointment as a commissioner.
  4. Officers of the Public Service whose headquarters arc outside Canberra, and who are required to visit Canberra on official duty are paid travelling allowance.

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Motion (by Senator Sir George Pearce) agreed to -

That leave be given to introduce a bill for un act to amend the Bankruptcy Act 1924- 1927.

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Motion (by Senator Sir George Pearce) agreed to -

That leave be given to introduce a bill for an act to amend the Commonwealth Public Service Act 1922-1924.

Bill presented and read a first time.

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Motion (by Senator Sir George

Pearce) agreed to-

That leave be given to introduce a bill for an act to amend the New Guinea Act 1920- 1926.

Bill presented and read a first time.

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Motion (by Senator Crawford) agreed to-

That leave be given to introduce a bill for an act relating to the Seat of Government Railway.

Bill presented and read a first time.

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Motion (by Senator Crawford) agreed to -

That leave be given to introduce a bill for an act to amend the Patents Act 1903-1921.

Bill presented and read a first time.

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Private Members’ Business

Vice-President of the Executive Council · Western Australia · NAT

[3.18]. - I move -

That the Senate do now adjourn.

I had hoped to be able to give the Senate a statement of the budget this afternoon, us the Treasurer proposed to deliver his budget speech in another place soon after it met. I understand, however, that the adjournment of that House has been moved in order to permit of the discussion of another matter. This will prevent the budget from being presented till a later hour in the day. In these circumstances it seems hardly necessary to ask honorable senators to come back to-night, to hear a statement on the budget from me ; especially, as with the business on the notice-paper we should be able to take the statement to-morrow.

Senator THOMAS:

– I object strongly to the motion for the adjournment of the Senate at this stage. On Thursdays private members’ business takes precedence after eight o’clock. That is our only opportunity to discuss private business. The Senate reassembled yesterday after about three months’ holiday; but unhappily owing to the death, during the recess, of an honorable senator and a member of another place, we adjourned without having transacted any business. There is a certain amount of private members’ business to be dealt with; but it is anticipated that Parliamentwill prorogue in about four weeks’ time, and we shall shortly be informed by the Leader of the Government in the Senate that owing to the volume of Government business it will be impracticable to discuss private members’ business. As honorable senators are, I believe, prepared to proceed with the discussion of such motions, we should not, at this stage, be asked to agree to an adjournment, particularly as some of those now on the notice-paper could be dealt with between now and the dinner adjournment.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Senate adjourned at 3.21 p.m.

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