This site was built using Hansard XML files made available by the Parliament of Australia under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

The XML files were harvested in April 2016 from the ParlInfo database. It’s possible I missed some files – please let me know if you notice any gaps. In harvesting the data, I noticed that a number of the XML files were empty. I’ve documented this in my research notebook.

As you browse the site you’ll find many examples where the XML mark-up isn’t quite right. You can help improve this by forking and fixing files from my GitHub repository.

The first version of this site was built in a weekend using Python to process the XML and Jekyll to render the results as a static site. The site’s code is also available on GitHub.

The functionality is intentionally limited. This is a demonstration project. Nonetheless, I think it offers a useful alternative to ParlInfo. There you can search Hansard for relevant fragments. Here you can read, and explore in context.

More documentation is available in my Digital Heritage Handbook.

I’m also exploring various issues and questions relating to Hansard in my research notebook.


Version 2, 24 July 2016

Added House of Representatives to 1980

Added Senate from 1901 to 1980
Various navigation and metadata improvements
Version 1.1, 22 May 2016

Added indexes for bills, parliaments, and people

Version 1, 1 May 2016

Includes House of Representatives, 1901 to 1965