2 October 1952

20th Parliament · 1st Session

The President (Senator the Hon. Edward Mattner) took the chair at 10.30 a.m., and read prayers.

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Minister for Trade and Customs · QueenslandMinister for Trade and Customs · LP

by leave - Honorable senators will have heard with deep regret of the death of Mr. H. P. Lazzarini, member for Werriwa in the House of Representatives, who died in Sydney last night after a long illness. He was first elected to the House of Representatives for the Division of Werriwa in 1919, and except for a period of three years, represented that division until the time of his death.

He was Minister for Home Security “from October, 1941, to September, 1943, and Acting Minister for Air and Acting’ Minister for Civil Aviation from October, 1944, until January, 1945. He was Minister for Home Security and Minister for Works and Housing from July, 1945, to November, 1946.

Although I did not have the privilege of knowing intimately the deceased gentleman, I knew him well by repute. His reputation was one of devoted loyalty to his cause and his colleagues.

I move -

That the Senate expresses its deep regret at the death of the Honorable Hubert Peter Lazzarini, Member for the Division of Werriwa in the House of Representatives and former Commonwealth Minister, places on record its appreciation of his long and meritorious public service, and tenders its sincere sympathy to his widow and ‘ members of his family in their bereavement.

Senator McKenna:
Leader of the Opposition. - On –behalf of the Opposition I second the motion moved by the Minister for Trade and Customs (Senator O’sullivan · Tasmania

. The death of Mr. II. P. Lazzarini was not unexpected by his friends and intimates, and it draws attention to the honoured place that his name occupies in the history of the Australian Labour party, which includes, of course, a very substantial part of’ the history of Australia itself.

The Minister has formally placed on record the high-lights of the long career of public service of the late honorable gentleman, who was privileged to serve . his country in the highest administrative offices, and at a time when it was passing through one of the greatest crises in our history. I refer, of course, to the horrors associated with the period of World War II.

I had the privilege of knowing Mr. Lazzarini ever since I entered the Senate on the 1st July, 1944. I had a -close and intimate relationship with him, not only in the Parliament, but also in a Cabinet in which we both served under the late Mr. Chifley. I think that it is also worthy of mention that Mr. Lazzarini and Mr. Chifley were long and intimate friends for the best part of a lifetime. Many -Opposition .senators also had a lifelong association and friendship with Mr. Lazzarini. Those who knew him even casually will realize that he had a most kindly disposition and was a cheerful and great-hearted companion. He was one of those rare individuals who appreciate the great value of kindness in little things in all their relationships with’ their fellow men.

Mr. Lazzarini was a deeply religions man and it is a consolation to his friends to know’ that his long illness gave him the blessing of ample time in which to prepare for his end. We know that he took the fullest advantage of that opportunity. As one might expect from a man of his calibre, Mr. Lazzarini was a devoted family man. He took great pride in his family and had cause for great joy in that family. By his death, his electorate,, the Parliament and, indeed, all Australia is poorer. My colleagues and I sincerely deplore his passing. His memory will ever be fresh with us and to-day our thoughts extend, in particular, to the bereaved surviving members of his family. . To them I, and all my colleagues of the Opposition, extend our deepest and most sincere sympathy.

Senator COOPER:
Minis- .ter for Repatriation · Queensland · CP

– The members of the Australian Country party desire to associate themselves with the motion before the Senate and to express their deep regret at the death of Mr. Lazzarini. I had the privilege of knowing the late Mr. Lazzarini over quite a number of years. I appreciated the many humane and human qualities that he possessed. He was at home with people in all walks of life and could associate himself with those upon the lowest rung and those upon the highest. I think that that ability gave him a great knowledge of the general thinking of people in various walks of life throughout the country and was of very great assistance to him in the public work that he took up. His knowledge .was of valuable account in the general progress of Australia. We desire to extend pur deepest sympathy to his widow and the members of his family.

Question resolved in the affirmative, honorable senators standing in their places.

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Motion (toy Senator O’sullivan) agreed to -

That, as a mark oi respect to the memory of the deceased member, the Senate do now adjourn.

Senate adjourned at 10.39 a.m.

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