11 March 1936

14th Parliament · 1st Session

The President (Senator theHon. P. J. Lynch) took the chair at 3 p.m., and read prayers.

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Minister for External Affairs · West ern Australia · UAP

[3.1]. - by leave - I desire formally to announce to the Senate the re-appointment of theRight Honorable W. M. Hughes, K.C., as Minister for Health and Minister for Repatriation; also that the Honorable H. V. C. Thorby has been appointed to act as Minister for Commerce during the absence from

Australia of the Eight Honorable Dr. Earle Page. Mr. Thorby will also deal with matters having reference to employment generally. Senator the Honorable T. C. Brennan, K.C., has been appointed to act as Attorney-General and Minister for Industry during the absence from Australia of the Honorable E. G. Menzies, K.C.

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Assent to the following bills reported : -

Sugar Agreement Bill 1935. Sales Tax Exemptions Bill 1935. Sales Tax (Securities and Exemptions) Bill 1935.

Whaling Bill 1935. New Guinea Bill 1935. Parliamentary Papers Bill 1935. Wheat and Wheat Products Bill 1935. Flour Tax Assessment Bill 1935. Flour Tax Bill, No. 1 1935. Flour Tax Bill, No. 3 1935. Primary Produce Export Charges Bill 1935. Dairy Produce Export Control Bill 1935. Primary Produce Export Organization Bill 1935.

Port Augusta to Port Pirie Railway Bil! 1935.

Tasmania Grant (Flour Tax) Bill 1935.

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– I have to inform the Senate that, in accordance with the motion passed in December last the resolutions agreed to by the Senate in reference to the loss of “Air-Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Mr. J. T. Pethybridge were communicated to those concerned and I have received from them letters thanking the Senate. I particularly desire to direct the attention of the Senate to the following paragraphs included in the letter from AirCommodore Sydney “W. Smith, commanding the Royal Air Force in the Far East: -

I would also request you to state that 1 am greatly impressed by the marks of appreciation shown by both Houses of the Commonwealth Parliament for the efforts of the personnel under my command in their attempts to locate the missing airmen. I can but assure you that our endeavours were inspired by a wholehearted spirit of admiration for the achievements of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith as an airman, and a realization of the value of his services in the development of aviation throughout the world.

In accordance with the desire expressed in your letter I have conveyed the thanks of your Parliament to all those of my officers and airmen who assisted in the search operations.

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Minister for External Affairs · Western Australia · UAP

[3.7]. - by leave - I move -

That the Senate records its profound regret at the death of the Eight Honorable Lord Forster, P.O., G.C.M.G., a former GovernorGeneral of the Commonwealth of Australia, and expresses its deep sympathy with Lady Forster and family in their bereavement.

It is with deep regret that I have formally to announce to honorable senators the death of Lord Forster in London on the 15th January last. Lord Forster held the office of Governor-General of the Commonwealth from 1920 to 1925. Prior to his appointment as GovernorGeneral he had given many years of his life to the service of the public. Entering the British House of Commons at the age of 26, he continued as a member of that House for approximately 27 years and eventually, in 1915, was appointed to the important office of Financial Secretary to the “War Office, which post he held until 1919.

The welfare of wounded and returned soldiers claimed his sympathetic interest, and his support, in association with Lady Forster, of charitable and philanthropic movements during his stay in Australia, will long be remembered by those who benefited from this interest.

The memory of his unfailing courtesy, his kindly bearing, and the ability and dignity which characterized the performance of the duties of his high office will long remain with those who, like myself, were privileged to come in contact with, him. Nor will his interests in many forms of sport readily be forgotten.

I may mention that when the news of Lord Forster’s death was received in Australia, the following message was sent to Lady Forster by His Excellency the then Governor-General (Sir Isaac Isaacs) - lt is with the most profound regret that the people of Australia has received the news of the death of Lord Forster. Australiana will recall -with gratitude the outstanding ability of your late husband during his term of office as Governor-General. The wide measure of popularity and esteem in which ho was held followed naturally from the kindliness and courtesy which were characteristic of him. On behalf of the Government and people of the Commonwealth of Australia, my wife and myself, I offer to you and your family our heartfelt sympathy.

On behalf of honorable senators I desire to express to Lady Forster and her daughters our profound sympathy in their great loss.


– On behalf of the Opposition in this Chamber I second the motion moved by the Leader of the Senate and endorse his remarks.

Senator HARDY:
New South Wales

– On behalf of the Country party, I support the motion. The Empire and the Commonwealth have sustained a great loss through the passing of our esteemed ex-Governor-General, Lord Forster. Upon his appointment, Australians generally recognized that in him we had not only a distinguished statesman, but also a great sportsman. It is interesting to recall that he was a member of the English elevenwhich, met the Australian cricketers in their tour of 1893. While he was in Australia he made our interests his interests, and our people were his people. We mightwell sum up his character by repeating the words which he uttered on his introduction to us. On that occasion he remarked -

I am a tremendous believer in the British Empire, and in any influences calculated to consolidate the Empire and draw the Dominions closer together.

After a very successful term of office, Lord Forster’s parting words were -

I hold a firm belief in the future greatness of this land of sunshine. With sad and grateful hearts we bid you farewell.

During all the years which he spent in England afterwards, Australia had in him a permanent ambassador, and a champion of its interests.

Question resolved in the affirmative, honorable senators standing in their places.

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The following papers were presented : -

Commonwealth Bank Act - Balance-sheets of

Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Commonwealth Savings Bank at 31st December, 1935, and Statements of the Liabilities and Assets of the Note Issue Department at 31st December, 1935; together with Auditor-General’s Reports thereon.

Air Force Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 17.

Census and Statistics Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1935. No. 126.

Commonwealth Bank . Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 25.

Commonwealth Inscribed Stock Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 128.

Commonwealth Public Service Act -

Appointments - Department of -

Commerce - R. B. Postle.

Interior - F. Lloyd and R. McLeod.

Treasury - A. Smithies.

Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 5- No. 6.

Commonwealth Shipping Act - Australian Commonwealth Shipping Board - Balancesheet, as at 28th February, 1935, and Liquidation Account for the year ended 28th February, 1935, of the Cockatoo Island Dockyard; certified to by the Auditor-General.

Defence Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 123; 1936, No. 1- No. 15- No.16- No. 21.

Flour Tax Assessment Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 10.

Lands Acquisition Act - Land acquired at - Darwin, Northern Territory - For Defence purposes.

Hillston, New South Wales - For Postal purposes.

Mascot, New South Wales - For Defence purposes.

Queenscliff, Victoria - For Defence purposes.

Land Tax Assessment Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 127.

Nationality Act - Return showing the number of persons to whom Certificates of Naturalization were granted during the year 1935, and the countries whence the applicants came.

Naval Defence Act - Regulations amended, &c- Statutory Rules 1935, No. 133- No. 135; 1936, No. 2- No. 9.

Norfolk Island Act -

Ordinances of 1936 -

No. 1 - Sanctions (Exports and imports ) .

No. 2 - Bean Seed Export Control.

Timber Licences Ordinance - Regulations.

Northern Territory Acceptance Act and Northern Territory (Administration) Act-

Ordinances of 1935 -

No. 21 - Crown Lands (No. 3).

No. 22 - Instruments.

No. 23 - Registration.

Business Names Ordinance - Regula tions amended.

Papua Act -

Ordinances of 1935 -

No. 2 - Quarantine.

No. 3 - Marriage.

No. 4 - Criminal Code Amendment.

No. 5 - Rubber Growers Assistance.

No.6 - Native Emigration Restriction.

No. 7 - Gold Buyers.

No. 8 - Supplementary Appropriation (No. 2) 1934-1935.

No. 9 - Printers and Newspapers.

No. 10 - Transactions with Natives.

No. 11 - Liquor.

No. 12 - Appropriation 1935-1936.

No. 13 - Immigration Restriction.

No. 14 - Land.

No. 15 - Arms, Liquor and Opium Pro hibition.

No.16 - Real Property.

No. 17 - Superannuation.

No. 18 - Mining.

Ordinances of 1936 -

No. 1 - Mineral Oil and Coal.

No. 2 - Mining (No. 2) 1935.

Sales Tax Assessment Acts (Nos. 1 to 9) -

Regulations amended -Statutory Rules 1935, No. 124.

Seat of Government Acceptance Act and Seat of Government (Administration) Act-

Ordinances of 1935 -

No. 19 - Racecourses.

No. 20- Dentists Registration.

No. 21 - Advisory Council (No. 2).

No. 22 - Motor Traffic.

Ordinances of 1936-

No. 1 - Instruments.

No. 2 - Trustee.

No. 3 - Leases (Special Purposes).

No. 4- Stock.

No. 5 - Nurses Registration.

No.6 - Juvenile Offenders (Detention ) Agreement.

No. 7 - Noxious Weeds.

Building and Services Ordinance -

Regulations amended (Canberra Elec tric Supply).

Australian Soldiers’ Repatriation Act - Regulations amended -Statutory Rules 1935, No. 136.

Customs Act - Regulations amended - Statu tory Rules 1936, No. 18.

Raw Cotton Bounty Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 22.

Science and Industry Research Act - Regulations amended-Statutory Rules 1936. No. 13.

War Service Homes Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 134.

Bankruptcy Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 122.

Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act and Customs Act - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 131- No. 132.

Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act - Rules of Court amended - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 4.

Meat Export Control Act - Regulations amended, &c. - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 7- No. 11- No. 12.

Navigation Act - Report by the Minister for Commerce of the cases in which the GovernorGeneral has exercised his power under Section 422a during the year 1935.

Primary Produce Export Charges Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 129.

Primary Produce Export Organization Act - Regulations- Statutory Rules 1935, No. 130.

Primary Producers Relief Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1936, No. 8.

Transport Workers Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1935, No. 125.

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SenatorFOLL. - Has the PostmasterGeneral read the report in the Canberra Times to-day that, at the wrangle of the Canberra Hospital Committee last night, the statement was made by one member that he had been able to secure certain information by listening in to the telephone calls of another member?Will the Minister have an investigation made to ascertain whether any such leakage has occurred in regard to telephone conversations in Canberra?

Senator A J McLACHLAN:

– I did not read the report of the meeting which the honorable member has described as a wrangle, but I shall look into the matter. I cannot imagine that telephone conversations have been overheard in the manner described.

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Minister for External Affairs · Western Australia · UAP

[3.21]. - As I have been advised that the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives has submitted a motion of censure upon the Government, it is not proposed to proceed to-day with other than formal business. I therefore move -

That the Senate do now adjourn.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Senate adjourned at 3.22 p.m.

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