24 June 1925

9th Parliament · 3rd Session

The President (Senator the Hon. T. Givens) took the chair at 3 p.m., and read prayers.

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Sewerage, Canberra -Automatic Telephone Exchanges

Senator LYNCH brought up the reports of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, together with minutes of evidence relating to the proposed construction of the northern main sewer, Canberra, sewage treatment works at the Federal Capital, and automatic telephone exchanges atWest Adelaide, South Australia, and at Lakemba and Manly, New South Wales.

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The following paper was presented: -

Auditor-General’s special report, being supplementary to the report upon theaccounts for 1923-4.

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No-confidence Motion.

Senator PEARCE:
Minister of Home and Territories · Western AustraliaMinister for Home and Territories · NAT

– In view of the fact that a motion of want of confidence has been tabled in another place on the Supply Bill, the Government does not propose to proceed with any business in the Senate to-day. I therefore move-

That theSenate do now adjourn.

Senator GRANT:

– This is not the first intimation I have had of the fact that the Government has decided to regard as a censure motion an amendment moved on a Supply Bill in another place, quite irrespective of what the result may be; but I think the Senate will not do justice to itself, or to those who sendus here, if it adjourns as suggested. There are many matters that could very easily be discussed with advantage by this chamber at the present time. Therefore, I protest against the proposal to adjourn for the reason given.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Sena te adjourned at 3.6 p.m.

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