30 October 1918

7th Parliament · 2nd Session

The President (Senator the Hon. T. Givens) took the chair at3 p.m., and read prayers.

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Senator PEARCE:
Minister for Defence · Western Australia · NAT

(By leave). - I have to acquaint the Senate that we received information this morning of the death, and burial at sea, of the late Honorable J. C. Manifold, M.P. for the electoral division of Corangamite, in another place.I am sure that all of us will have received that information with very deep regret. The late Mr. Manifold was a man who, apart from his public qualities, possessed private qualities of a character that endeared him to everybody with whom he came in contact. He was in the best sense of the word, a fine type of public man.

Just before his departure for England he came to me to inform me that he proposed visiting the Old Country, and he said that if he could be of any service to the Government in doing any work there for which he was capable and for which time permitted, and particularly if the work were associated with the conduct of the war, he desired to place his services at the disposal of the Government without any remuneration. As honorable senators are aware, there have been many questions cropping up, with regard to pay and other matters, affecting our soldiers overseas, and I asked the honorable gentleman if he would undertake to look into those matters, and give them his best attention. I also asked him if, in going through the United States of America and Canada, he would investigate their training establishments, medical inspection, and care of invalid soldiers on their return, and inform us as to his views and impressions thereon. I may say that the late Mr. Manifold did not regard this mission as in any sense a mere casual inquiry. On the contrary, as the voluminous and painstaking reports which have been received from him show, he threw his whole heart into the work, and has given us very much valuable information, which should be of material assistance to the Government in dealing with these matters in the future. He continued this work up to the time of his leaving England, his last report being dated just before his departure, so that it may be truly said that the honorable gentleman died in harness and doing his duty.

We all know the way in which the late Mr. Manifold threw himself into the prosecution of the war. We know his patriotism and his sterling worth as a citizen, and we know the high character he has always borne amongst the people with whom he lived. I suppose that there was no man in his district better loved than was the late James Chester Manifold. Those who have visited the district, and have heard the high encomiums passed upon him by his fellow citizens, realize that those who knew him best regarded him with the highest respect. In order that honorable senators may have an opportunity of expressing their feelings in connexion with his death, I move -

That the Senate places upon record its high appreciation of the great public services of the late Honorable James Chester Manifold, Member for the Division of Corangamite, and tenders its sincere sympathy to the bereaved widow and relatives of an eminent citizen, whose decease is a great loss to the Commonwealth.

With regard to the latter part of the motion, I am sure that, as we mourn the loss of Mr. Manifold as a public man and a patriotic citizen, our feelings of sympathy will go out to those nearest and dearest to him, whose loss is greatest.

SenatorMcDOUGALL (New South Wales) [3.6]. -It is with extreme sorrow and regret that I rise to second the motion submitted by the Minister for Defence (Senator Pearce). I feel sure that’ I speak for every honorable senator on this side when I say that, although the deceased gentleman was a political opponent of ours, we all recognised in him those qualities that make a man.

As the Minister for Defence has said, he undertook, when overseas, to do whatever he could to assist the Government in the prosecution of the war. When he was returning to those he loved in this sunny land, the signal, which no man can disregard, rang out, and he was cast aside. I was not personally acquainted with the deceased gentleman,’ and had the opportunity of meeting him only as a legislator, but I have heard and read of his good qualities, and every honorable senator on this side appreciated them.

We extend the hand in sorrow to the bereaved relatives left behind him, and express our heartfelt regret that the deceased gentleman should have been cut off in the flower of his life.

Question unanimously resolved in the affirmative, honorable senators standing in their places.

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Senator PEARCE:
Minister for Defence · Western Australia · NAT

.- As a mark of respect to the late honorable member for Corangamite, I move -

That the Senate do now adjourn.

I assume that you, sir, will take the ordinary course, and forward to the relatives of the late Mr. Manifold the terms of the motion which the Senate has unanimously passed.

Questionresolved in the. affirmative.

Senate adjourned at 3.9. p.m.

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